There are Two Reasons Why Today’s Housing Market Isn’t a Bubble

July 1, 2022

You may be reading headlines and hearing talk about a potential housing bubble or a crash, but it’s important to understand that the data and expert opinions tell a different story. A recent survey from Pulsenomics asked over one hundred housing market experts and real estate economists if they believe the housing market is in a bubble. The results indicate […]


10 Steps to Take Before Buying Your First New Bern Rental

June 1, 2022

The concept of buying first rental property assets is one of the best ways to begin accumulating long-term wealth. A solid rental property can not only provide you with monthly cash flow but can serve as the backbone of your retirement plan. The key, however, is finding the right property in New Bern. Not every quality property you look […]


What does Cash-on-Cash Returns mean for Real Estate Investors?

May 1, 2022

If you’re a rental property investor in New Bern area who’d like to measure the profitability of a real estate deal, you may have run into some difficulty finding a metric that best suits your needs. For instance, return on investment (ROI) measures returns as a function of appreciation or equity, which can be tricky […]


Are you Thinking about Selling your House in New Bern?

April 1, 2022

If you’re thinking of selling your house in New Bern, it may be because you’ve heard prices are rising, listings are going fast, and sellers are getting multiple offers on their homes. But why are conditions so good for sellers today? And what can you expect when you move? To help answer both of those questions, let’s turn to the data. Today, […]


Are Home Prices Continuing To Rise in New Bern?

March 1, 2022

Many analysts projected home price appreciation would slow dramatically in the fall of 2021 and then continue to soften throughout 2022. So far, that hasn’t happened. The major price indices are all revealing ongoing double-digit price appreciation. Here’s a look at their reports on year-over-year price appreciation for December: Federal Housing Finance Agency(FHFA): 17.6% S&P Case-Shiller: […]


How to do a Comparative Market Analysis

February 1, 2022

Comparative market analysis has never been easier with this simple guide! Luckily, you do not need to go to real estate schools to learn about investing in income properties. More importantly, you won’t need it to conduct comparative market analysis for your income property either. So, what is comparative market analysis? Why does a real estate investor […]


Title Report FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

January 1, 2022

Of all the things that have been deemed important to real estate investors and home buyers over the course of a transaction, none may carry more weight than the title report. At the very least, the title report is specifically designed to disclose a property’s most important information: everything from the rightful owner and vesting interests in the property to […]


Six Ways that Blockchain Technology Will Change the Real Estate Industry

December 1, 2021

With the advent of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s adoption on a global scale, blockchain real estate applications have transitioned from theory to reality. In fact, the technology behind today’s most popular cryptocurrencies has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry. By using an advanced network of computers and algorithms, blockchain real estate applications will disrupt the housing […]


Wealth Building Assets 101: What is Wealth Building & How to Get Started

November 16, 2021

According to a study by Credit Loan, three in four Americans feel they are living paycheck to paycheck. While their sentiment may be attributed to several factors, many individuals lack the income to support their regular lives. The solution to this problem can be found through a combination of financial education and wealth building assets. Individuals who […]


Realtor Fees: What Are They & Who Pays Them?

September 30, 2021

Realtor fees aren’t really fees at all, but rather an investment opportunity. While it most certainly will cost you money to hire a real estate agent or Realtor, there’s a good chance their efforts will return more than the amount it cost to hire them. Having said that, I am convinced Realtor fees are not something today’s […]